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Saturday May 14
Moving, upside down, seeded, in stillness, awareness is waiting to be noticed. Let's light it up together. 
At my space above Indika

ANA FORREST will be in Houston teaching Weekend Workshops at Yoga One May 27-30.  There are SIX workshops over the long weekend and I will be there assisting everyone of them!  Go to yogaonehouston for details and registration. It's going to be really great!  Get signed up! 


Rooted in 18 years of experience I teach Yoga as a caring way to return to yourself, to your home, inside your body. 
I feel that yoga is a very personal journey and a way to build trust in yourself. 

My teaching style allows time for you to build a strong framework of support powered by conscious awareness and time for your body to open up to your breath. 

I encourage movement and exploration away from fixed positions to help you feel your bodies natural rhythms.  Then, there can be new inspiration in stillness. 

Trust and confidence come from knowing yourself well from the inside.
When you can feel your light and hold space inside you can command a position on your mat ... and in your life.

Graduates of the Forrest Yoga Teacher Training Course are invited to join Cat Allen and me for the 2016 Mentorship Program!   
The workshop dates are on the following Thursdays. 
January 28
March 31
June 2
September 1

Thank you Jeanie Miley for entering my life to remind me to "Choose Love as a way of being in the world."   Your book "Fierce Love" continues to inspire me to go deeper into understanding the Love in me and how to share it.  It is a joy to see and be seen with you.  
Thank you for sharing our story in the San Angelo Standard Times. 

October 31, 2015
​​​​​​​​By Jeanie Miley

​"How can you be so patient with me?" I asked my yoga teacher.
​She seemed startled, but her response spoke volumes. "I love what I do," she said.
​Two years ago, I hobbled up the steep stairs to her studio.   A couple of bad falls and too much sitting time at my computer had rendered me a serious hobbler.   I'd done a lot of different things to get relief for my aches and pains, but nothing would help me more than the steady, patient teaching of this smart and experienced teacher. 
​Week after week, I climbed those stairs to her studio and did everything I could do to follow my teacher's guidance, fueled primarily by one all-consuming motivation:  I didn't want to hurt like I had been hurting for over two years, and if there was something I could do to  help myself, I was going to do it.  Week after week, she was undaunted by my limitations.
​Early on, I was impressed by my teacher's knowledge of how the body worked.  While  her knowledge and education were amazing to me, I was really impressed by her highly refined intuitive sense.  She knew just when to push me and she knew when to correct a something I could not do by the tiniest adjustment in my position.  She knew when to back off
and she knew when to tell me that I could do something, even though I didn't believe I could.
​More than anything, though, my teacher was not afraid of my fear, either my fear of falling or my fear of failure, and it was that inner strength in her that began to transform my relationship with my pain, with my ability or lack of it and my body.  In a mysterious way, her belief in me strengthened my courage, and new abilities followed.​​                          ​ ​Another teacher I respect impressed me with a statement about good teachers when he
said,   "If you love your subject matter and you love passing on what you know to your students, and if you love your students, then you will be a good teacher," he said.
​Seems simple, and the truth is that love really does make whatever you do easier.  If you love it enough, even your work feels more like play than work.
​I'm not speaking theoretically, you see.  I, too, am a teacher, and the truth is that I love reading and researching in my field.  I love putting together a lesson that engages others in learning, and I love the people who allow me to facilitate a lesson and who join me in the learning experience.
​As much as I enjoy the process of teaching, I also love it when someone in my classes teaches me something new and important  while we are engaged in what I call "shared learning".  I love it when my students or my children teach me!
​There are parts of any job that are problematic or annoying.   There are bumps in the road in everyone's life and there are times when most everyone gets discouraged and wants to quit.
​There may be times when you might consider that the grass is greener in some other job, and you may even have set-backs and failures along the way of following the career or life path you have chosen.  Sometimes, too, you may be plagued with self-doubt and fatigue.
​However, my life experience has proven to me over and over the truth captured in the song that declares, "Love, love changes everything--how you live and how you die."
​My experience with this teacher who loves what she does is changing more than the way I move. Because she loves her work and because I know she wants the best for me, I feel loved by her.  It's a mystery to me, but because my teacher loves her work, she makes me feel that she loves me.    Love is patient, right?  And patience is evidence of love.
​"Love will never, never let you be the same", says Andrew Lloyd Weber, and he is right.

Ann in the News

Ann demonstrated Forrest Yoga Abdominal Poses in the August 2009 Issue of Yoga Journal!
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