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Everyday I remind myself to feel my breath.  I focus on sending my roots down into the earth so my upward and outward expressions feel supported.  I welcome you to my classes to experience your breath and your body.  Together we will explore how to feel strong, healthy and free to experience new ways of being while on your mat and in your life.  
New to yoga, beginners and all other levels are always welcome.  

A story about A Moment of Strength

About 11 years ago I was in a Forrest Yoga training and the lead assistant was a man with large defined muscles like a bodybuilder.  We were standing next to each other watching Ana Forrest gravity surf, gracefully balancing while moving from one inverted pose to another.  As we both watched in awe he said, " I might look stronger than her because of my muscles but she is way stronger than me because of her focus".   Boom!  I got it.  His words and her demonstration together sent a powerful message.  Focus is Strength.
Forrest Yoga asks for intense focus.  In that moment I knew I was about to begin again and I have been ever since.  To this day, everyday I ask myself to focus and feel my breath in a seated forward bend, in an inversion or in a conversation with a friend.  Focus lights a path for breath ... Energy flows ... Strength is there.  

Ann in the News

Ann demonstrated Forrest Yoga Abdominal Poses in the August 2009 Issue of Yoga Journal!
(.pdf link)